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 Area51Sports boldly goes where no wood bat company has gone before! 

Three years in development, A51's newest and most ambitious project, "The Helix Series", combines the best of polymer chemistry with hand-selected Northern Ash and Hard Maple, to create the hardest-hitting and safest solid wood baseball bats ever swung.  A combination of form and function that results in the most stunning wood bat in the game today.

The Helix solid wood bat begins as a hand-selected hardwood billet (ash and maple).  Billets are selected for straightness of grain, color, and density.  These are then turned into single piece wood baseball bats.

The unique helical grooves are then scrolled into the handle in a very specific pattern.  These grooves are then filled with a flexible epoxy gel in which a thin ribbon of carbon fibers are placed.  The grooves are then covered with black and red tape and the entire bat undergoes Area51's unique "4-dip" finishing sequence.


The result is a bat that virtually "launches" the ball with little effort.  The unique helical grooving pattern allows the handle of the bat to flex over multiple points instead of just one (the height of flexion) as well as acting as a shock baffle to eliminate hand sting.  The handle hyper-flexes much like a catapult and as the handle releases it injects the stored energy of the flexed handle back into the ball.  Field testers have raved about the metal-like performance of the Helix.  The performance enhancement is phenomenal!

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M141 - Area51 Helix Series Premium Maple Bat (All Clear)

Premium Maple Bat 
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M141 - Area51 Helix Series Premium Maple Bat (Black/Clear)

Premium Maple Bat 
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